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Change management

When the business value of your IT investment is only realized when employees and managers embrace and utilize the new opportunities…

….we work with change- and project management with a preference for a human and data-driven approach


Code software

As Code Software’s Nordic partner, we can particularly help optimize the benefits of your UC platform through Code’s Clobba portfolio for optimizing statistics, reporting and operation of most leading UC platforms, including MS Teams

Save on M365 licenses

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Change management

Project management



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Who is UC Change

IT is never the goal in itself, but always a means to achieve a better business position.
It can be on many different “bottom lines” – finances, employee satisfaction, lead times, progress in strategic projects, releasing resources, increasing quality, attracting and retaining talent, or something else entirely – often a mix.
Therefore, we will always seek to connect a change project to the strategic objectives, other projects and recognized challenges – rather than considering it as a stand-alone project.
This usually makes it much more relevant for a larger part of the business, engages more stakeholders, increases motivation and contributes to maintaining focus after launch.
We have a preference for data support. Beliefs are also data, but we always benefit from supplementing with more solid and more broadly based data. It doesn’t have to be complex, but it is highly effective.