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UC Change is a Nordic supplier of the market’s strongest portfolio of solutions for statistics, reporting, adoption, optimization and decision support for your Unified Communications / Voice environment.

Here is a short description of what problems the platform solves – and just below, you can click and see more about each individual module.

Decision support

Clobba quickly and precisely delivers the information that is needed to make decisions – and which can only be delivered with difficulty from Microsoft’s own universe.

The easy availability of business data for relevant managers makes it possible to make decisions on a solid basis.

Is there a connection between our service goals and how quickly we answer customer calls? Are there agents to man the phone queues? Do we answer calls as quickly from home as in the office? Do we have the right number of MS licenses or are we paying for something we don’t use? Has the organization adopted virtual meetings, or are there “pockets” that have not progressed far enough? Are our investments in Teams Room Systems (MTR) being utilized?

The answers to these and many other questions are easily available via Clobba for exactly those who need the answers.

Adoption - examples

Does everyone use the certified headsets, or does lack of adoption risk creating poor sound quality in online meetings?

Is the investment in MS Teams Rooms systems (MTR) used for online meetings, or simply as external screens?

Are the agents in CallQueues aware of their roles and the service provided?

Video and content sharing increase the quality of online meetings – to what extent are we exploiting it?

Move trivial tasks from scarce admin resources

Many companies experience limitations on resources and skills around the Microsoft Teams environment. Partly PowerBI and PowerShell, but also in relation to how many can/must have extended rights in the admin portal – and thus can solve a number of tasks.

With Clobba it is easy to set up the right reporting without PowerBI, assign a voice license and phone number without PowerShell, change welcome greetings and opening hours in phone queues without admin rights and get a simple graphical interface for handling MS licenses without admin rights.

It provides far greater flexibility, faster adaptations, increased quality, better and more efficient operation, as well as general savings on the total cost of operation and licenses.


Reduce the number of people involved and the total time spent in relation to:

Create decision support through advanced reporting

Optimized utilization of number series

Compliant voice recording of Team’s voice 80% cheaper

Optimization of Microsoft licenses

One reporting system for multiple voice platforms

Larger international organizations in particular have several voice platforms in operation, with their own set-up for performance monitoring, which complicates transparency and makes it more difficult to plan a migration from legacy systems to, for example, Teams Voice.

Clobba supports a number of the largest platforms and can thus deliver advanced reporting across, through one unified tool.

In the Nordics, for example, this can often be by collecting data from MS SfB/Teams, Mitel and Avaya in a unified reporting platform.

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